2017 Scene and Story #5

It had been raining for days, and it would continue to rain until there was widespread flooding in our region.

One afternoon for about an hour though, the sun reached through a break in the clouds. When the quality of light changed, everyone in the house turned their faces to the windows. They started moving a little faster.

It was as if we had all been on slo-mo and only just realized it.

I grabbed my camera and took one of my kids to the park. I'm not sure we spoke words. We slid on our rain boots and left.

This is the series of photos I shot while my son scouted for photogenic wildlife and jumped in puddles.

This is my favorite. It looks like heaven to me:

The light is hopeful. The varied green tones are refreshing. 
This picture is what I want my brain to feel like on the inside.

Spring Day Haiku:

More happy snapshots 
of a short, glorious hour 
the sun remembered

A squirrel playing peek-a-boo

For all of 2017, I'm joining Sarah from Paisley Rain Boots and Lee from Sea Blue Lens for a monthly Scene and Story Linkup. Visit them and all the other contributors. They are my photography inspiration!