Fall 2017 Photojournal

I went on a photo walk to a park I'd never visited. Since I’m a Scorpio with depression, crackly leaves, skeletal trees, a chilly wind, and a subtle palette of browns and grays feel like home to me.

Other people were walking along the trail that snakes around the prairie. They were wearing jackets and had drippy noses. I was in a tee shirt crawling around in the dead foliage to shoot through with my camera. (I just learned what “shooting through” means and I was determined to try it.)

This set of pictures was shot in RAW format and then converted and processed with the software that came with my Canon DSLR. Everyone is right. Shooting RAW gives you so much more detail to play with. It's my new favorite!

Scene and Story #12

I joined the scene and story group almost a year ago with a photo of a different stack of books. My French dictionaries reminded me of falling in love with the study of all things French. It was a chance to step outside the rumination and worry. It was my raison d’ĂȘtre for a time.

I’ve heard of people making a playlist for their life story. I love the idea that if we had a soundtrack to our lives, we’d know what was the heck was going on. Instead of songs, what speaks more to me is a pile of books, each title representing a step in my spiritual progression from top to bottom.

For all of 2017, I've joined Sarah from Paisley Rain Boots and Lee from Sea Blue Lens for a monthly Scene and Story Linkup. They are my photography inspiration. The group has given me a guidepost for each passing month this year. Thank you, Sarah and Lee!

What This Mom Will Do

This mom will not sleep in a tent all night.

This mom won't volunteer in your classroom, chaperone field trips, or buy candy to pass around on your birthday.

This mom will not answer when you shout her name from the basement.

This mom will not change out of her PJs to and flip-flops to drop you off.

This mom will not leave anything unsaid.

This mom will fill your life with love, both spoken and unspoken.

She will fix what she can, knowing fixable things are rare.

If she can't fix them, she'll help you make sense of them, and listen while you sort through your options.

She'll nod silently, give you hugs, and remove every sliver of apple peel.

She'll help you rearrange your room, keep your favorite toys in storage, vacuum under your bed, and show you how to do your own laundry.

She will not freak out when you tell her you "like" somebody, but she might linger outside your door to eavesdrop if the chance arises.

This mom will do a million uncomfortable things for your sake. 

She will set aside her love of traveling, sleep, and gracious lifestyle. 

She will lose touch with her friends, confront school officials, gain weight, and lose it again.

This mom will redefine the word mom so it is precisely what you need it to mean, and tweak it every day after that until it begins to shrink.

This mom will - on purpose - step back from you a little at a time to let you breathe your own air without perfectly peeled apple slices, laundry lessons, and eavesdropping.

This mom will not wonder "where the time went' or exclaim "they grow up so fast!" because she will have been there for every apple, boyfriend, dirty sock, and unfixable problem.

2017 Scene and Story #11

This month's picture will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows my obsession with raptors. This hawk has been a regular visitor to our backyard for the last few weeks. It has been cool and overcast. Perfect hunting weather. No matter how often it appears, it takes my breath away every time.

Perhaps that's why it returns, to be admired and photographed.

For all of 2017, I'm joining Sarah from Paisley Rain Boots and Lee from Sea Blue Lens for a monthly Scene and Story Linkup. They are my photography inspiration!

Highlights and Eye lights

Sometimes you have few words, but you're still noticing all the beauty around you.  This post is simply an excuse to share some of that beauty with you.

In each of the creature photos, the light is reflected in their eyes. Even a few of the marigold petals have a soft cast of light.

Photo Credit Michael Weishaar

Photo Credit Michael Weishaar