Fiction Update

I have been working on a novel for several months now. The setting, the characters, and the fantasy elements have all changed and developed over time, but the truth behind the story remains the same.

I am excited to finish the manuscript and work more with editors, and eventually to publish it! In the meantime, I thought I'd share the things I've learned so far, because I haven't had much time for my blog.

Also, when I'm a billionaire author, I'll treasure the documentation of my process in "the early days".

About two years ago I began my own personal "Odyssey of Woo Woo." I gave myself permission to try new things. I learned everything I could about essential oils, energy work, guided imagery, jewelry making, Kundalini yoga and meditation, religions, oracle and tarot cards, guitar, piano, watercolor painting, raptors, the cosmos, and making jellies.

Each of those things has served to clear away the ego's anxieties and help me find the quiet place where I can best access the truth that I know, if I give my body the chance to tell me.

My diverse interests have also fed my writing. Learning new things is a great way to stay humble, make connections I might never have made otherwise, and infuse my art with universal themes and symbols.

So here's how I grew my story:

It started with a seed -   Love

I took a deep breath and just started writing a novel. Eight chapters in, I realized I didn't know how it would end, and probably never would.

So I started another novel. Five chapters in I lost steam.

I started another novel. Literally one page in, I just couldn't . . .

I agonized over each of those stories and not finishing them. This was a months-long endeavor. Then I seriously thought about how I wanted to use the creative time I have in my life. I'm a wife and a mom and thoughtful human being, but beyond that, I wanted to make something beautiful and share it more widely. I decided that, yes - I did indeed want to write a story.

So I meditated, made some jelly, and played hot cross buns on the keyboard. And then - Aha!

I went back to my seed. Here is the working title and cover:

A young woman named Jessie will need to become swift and fearless, like the birds of prey she reveres, so she can save herself and her new love, Lucan from the oppressive ruling council of his people, the Seers. Jessie must decide to remain paralyzed by fear, or fight for the love that will set them all free.

Want to read the manuscript before it's published? Leave a comment below and let me know. I always appreciate another point of view!