What It's Like to Write a Novel

I set a goal to finish a novel during the month of November, which is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Most people set a goal of 50,000 words, but I thought, "I'm not most people. I'm going to write the whole dang thing in 4 weeks. Yeehaw!"

This afternoon I am taking a break to reflect on the process (and because I am seriously frustrated with my work).

Days 1-8: 

I can find inspiration everywhere. Often, I'll be talking to someone and I'll run away in the middle of the conversation to jot down a note. I am filled with hope and fire, locked into the golden chain of writers through time. I am doing this.

Day 9:  12,884 words of 85,000 word goal

I am agitated. My skin is crawling and my head is full of contradictions.

The golden ratio, government, biblical parables, language, and the art I am trying to produce are all a result of human brains seeking patterns, order, comfort, entertainment, validation, and reason.

Man                           Woman
Visceral                     Intellectual
Spiritual                     Evidence-Based
Child                          Adult

These are all relative terms based on the reality each of our minds have mapped by pinging thoughts repeatedly against cultural norms, history, politics, religion, pop culture. It's exhausting to know what you think about something. Are these polarities just an illusion?

We are self-aware specks, each educated and shaped to different breadths and depths, at unique points in the space-time continuum.

Here I sit on my front porch like a grain of sand on a beach trying to draw out some universal truth and to tell a story about 2 other grains of sand which are purely imaginary, but still a reflection of my deepest desires and fears.

Day 10:

Now that I have written all the words I don't want in my book, I can start writing the real story.

Word Count - 4  :)