More About Me

There are so many quick destructive paths to forgetting our self-worth. In this space, I excavate the lies we believe about ourselves until I find the point of light. Through writing fiction and blogging I seek the divine truth in myself and others. 

I live near St. Louis, MO with my husband, 3 kids, and a feisty old Chihuahua. It is the 20th place I've called home in 40 years, and I love it here.

I came to writing a few years ago as a way to figure out who I was. The authentic me is both hopeful and sparkly, and also a dark and tangly woods, a place you might go to feel totally enveloped by something bigger than yourself. It's a scary place, but also a compelling one.

Through my personal blog posts and Young Adult fiction, I validate myself, hold a mirror to other people's pain, and tell stories of empowerment and wholeness.