Wonder Women

A couple of years ago I noticed that I had trouble sleeping during nights of the full moon.

It was curious, standing in a moonbath at 1:00 in the morning that first time. It felt sneaky. I remember being surprised by the naughty smile on my face and then wondering why it felt so naughty.

The solitude, my bare feet, the peace, and the eerie glow on the greenery all felt very natural and wild.

I didn't consciously track the moon cycles for some time after that night, but an increasingly restless mind and body would tell me when a full moon was nearing. I simply began to pay more attention.

It eventually occurred to me that if I tracked these cycles, I could plan activities around them. I wouldn't be changing the path of the moon or holding back the ocean tides, but I could learn more about the cycles and plan for times of lower and higher energy. I began to act intentionally in harmony with nature.

Women always find a path back to their truth.

Energy workers
Jewish Mystics

Within whatever limitations they are raised, women all seem to find their way back to the divine feminine. They might unearth it, listen to a whisper, see it in a dream, read it in a book, or conjure it during meditation. "It" might be crushing herbs between her palms, keeping a secret stash of oils, chanting a soothing mantra, dancing freely, or walking alone in the moonlight.

Yesterday I began reading Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. by Lisa Lister. It's one woman's experience with ancestral traditions and modern-day rituals that women can use to heal themselves. My favorite line from the text is a mantra she suggests to her readers: "It is safe for me to be powerful." I liked it so much because it doesn't quite feel true for me yet. It's a prayer and a wish.

I loved discovering that I already do a lot of the things she mentions, yet never recognized the connection between those self-care practices and what some have called witchcraft. I also noticed that most of my yoga friends and religious friends do a lot of the things she discusses. 

They just call them different things. It was a light bulb moment to realize that we might package it differently and put different rules around it, but we're really all just re-discovering that things that women have known for centuries: that we are a source of life and healing.

Without fear of being labeled demonic or dangerous, women are free to be who they really are. They will gravitate toward purposeful, soulful acts meant to reconnect to their inner wisdom. They will fully embrace their light and dark parts and become healthier human beings. Wonder Women.


  1. Ooh, I really want to get this book! I've been in the midst of writing about rituals, and thinking about them. Love that mantra.

    1. I read the e-book in a day, and now I must buy the physical book because I want to see it on my shelf!

  2. I need this book in my life! I love the thought of women always returning to the Divine Feminine. I think its a pull that is powerful and ever-present. I certainly feel a draw to develop deep spiritual rituals. Thank you for sharing - the title totally hooked me ;)

    1. I saw the Wonder Woman movie and read Witch in the same weekend! I was on fire. :)

  3. What a beautiful post. I love the line "Without fear of being demonic or dangerous, women are free to be who they really are." We are powerful and awesome when we re-connect to our truest nature. I believe the world has always known this which is why it was safest to cloud truth with fear. Thank you for this lovely reminder. (And I've got to get this book!)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. A week later, I think my favorite chapter is called the "Eve Stain." That alone was worth reading the entire book.


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