2017 Scene and Story #7

June was hectic. Not on the outside, but inside my mind. It was a time for waiting, processing, and patience. Instead of creating, I wished I was creating. I kinda hate those times, but I'm learning that they are part of the natural cycle. It's not always the harvest. Likewise, I'm not always writing the next great novel.

I stayed close to home and took lots of pictures in my backyard. 

Here is my favorite because Aaaawww:

Here he was a moment later because peaches are sticky:

This squirrel hopped up onto the railing letting me capture another private investigator-type shot:

A young bird had been cheeping for its mama for quite some time, but I couldn't quite see where he was hiding. Then I spotted him with a treasure in its beak:

Here is a ninja I spotted hopping down from the slide:

For all of 2017, I'm joining Sarah from Paisley Rain Boots and Lee from Sea Blue Lens for a monthly Scene and Story Linkup. They are my photography inspiration!


  1. You were more creative than you give yourself credit for. I anxiously awaited your story each month. The ninja makes me smile.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. The Ninja liked being photographed. :)

  2. I love all your sneaky wildlife shots! And the sneaky ninja ones, too - they're not easy to capture. :-) This whole post just makes me smile.

  3. I love your favourite photo for the month of June in that adorable rabbit next to the fallen peach. June is such a beautiful time of the year because it's the start of summer!

  4. Such a sweet little bunny! It looks like your yard has lots of wildlife and even a ninja to enjoy!

  5. I love the bunny photo you shared as well as the other nature and your ninja. I think you have been writing your great novel. Your story. The story of Rachel's wonderful, everyday life. Keep it up. You're doing great!

  6. That rabbit it so cute and I'm glad that he seems to have enjoyed the peach, sticky paws and all. Sweet pictures, and even a ninja!!

  7. When I first saw your photo, thought i was looking at Peter Rabbit. What a cute shot... sometimes the back yard is the best place to be, and it is amazing what you can see there when you are looking

  8. Fun photos! You have a good zoom lens! It's so fun to watch kids play isn't it?


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