What I Miss About Homeschool and What I Love About Public School

Almost two years after deciding to enroll our kids in the local public school, here is the state of the household.

What I Love About Public School:

I have greater stretches of uninterrupted time to myself. My time planning homeschool lessons and activities is replaced by helping with homework, but my time is more compartmentalized, which has helped me be more productive.

Having our youngest son in a classroom of other kids allowed us to confirm that he was struggling in specific ways compared to his peers and get him the right kind of help.

My kids' teachers are phenomenal. Their schools are remarkable. For all the strange illogical decisions we make as a society about education, the adults around my kids are balanced, compassionate, and well-educated. 

It reminds us that we're proud of the ways our family is unique.

It's a pleasure to watch school policies evolve for stronger children.

It's a pleasure to see teachers innovating in a kid-centered atmosphere.

What I Miss About Homeschooling:

Organic work/play/sleep balance.

More time for art, friends, and food.

Being in the family "cocoon" gives you security and contentedness. From that place, creativity springs and curiosity is fed.

The absence of hypermasculinity and status-seeking behavior . . . 
This has been one of toughest things to "undo." 

I used to have an entire category of homeschooling posts on my blog. I could share those experiences forever because I think it's a great idea to question how we do things. Raising kids is kinda one of the most important things. 

Public school has been a good thing for my family.

I continue to ask, "Do our kids still talk to each other? Are they still themselves? Are they hardening their hearts in unhealthy ways?"

My mantra for parenting revolves around 2 things:

Knowing Who the Boss of My Family Is


Understanding that we'll become good at the things we spend the most time doing. So we ask, "What do we want to be good at?"



  1. Since I grew up in a country where public school is the only option it never occured to me to homeschool my daughter after we had moved to the US. Since she is an only child she craved the company of other kids. She was lucky to go to excellent public schools and become an independent, healthy and self-confident young woman. As with so many things it also depends on the kids what kind of schooling is good and fitting for them.

    1. So true! If we had lived in a different region, I may never have started homeschooling. We learned how to be a different kind of family through that experience. We treasure what public schools offer now because of what we had to do for ourselves for a couple of years.


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