Why 40 is Fun and Scary: Part 1

I feel grateful to have lived in a non-computerized world for a time, and then to have watched the digital beast unfurl itself as a young woman. Every new tool is both a wonder and an annoyance to me.

I appreciate the beauty and the possibilities of the tech but also had no problem to be solved by the new tools available.

For example, if I were 25 I might think a Fitbit was kinda fun.

Since I’m 40 and I have kids, I don’t need anything to tell me how long I slept. Anyone who has taken care of an infant has the uncanny ability to tell you when they woke up, got out of bed, almost fell asleep on the couch, went back to bed, only to shut their eyes 42 minutes later and finally fall back asleep. A gadget documenting that would get punched in the face.

As a writer, this dilemma appears quite often. I could be streaming music from YouTube with wireless headphones while I’m on the elliptical machine dictating the first draft of a novel into Evernote, which will automatically appear on all my linked platforms. I could even purchase a Moleskine Smart Writing Set that digitizes notes and drawings that I write on smart paper with a smart pen.

OR, I could dig a stubby pencil and a grimy little notebook out of my bag and write notes while I’m sitting on the bleachers watching my kids practice. Then I can rip the tiny pages out of the notebook later and tape them together into a patchwork of ideas.  I can pin that crazy word quilt on the cork board above my desk and visualize the story that way.

I have one foot in the world of a gritty life where everyone smoked cigarettes and jeans felt like cardboard. The other foot is in a Swiss-engineered high-performance compression sock for athletes. The set cost $40. They’re like butter.

And I love it.

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