This was inspired by a sweet little post over at Sea Blue Lens.

The writer is a sister-blogger who lives in southern Maine. I love her photography and her sincere, soothing reflections. I secretly hope that by hanging out on her blog I, too, will be able to take inspiring photos one day. I also feel like I'm getting a peek into the future. Since she's north of me and in a time zone to the east, her autumn and winter arrive earlier than mine. 

Her latest post about November helped me realize that it's my favorite month. She described the once colorful leaves turning brown and beginning to decay in the cold drizzle. I realize that to some this transition is sad, even mournful.

For my perennially depressed people and me, I think, Finally! The skies match my inner gray. The crisp air bites and snaps like my sharp moods. Everyone around me starts to retreat indoors, rushing from a heated car to a warm house. As an introvert who could happily never leave her little office library, I do that year round.

My love for November also represents acceptance. When the child-like illusion that we'll all live in eternal sunshine in this life is pierced, you can fight it or embrace reality. The coming bleak white and gray of winter allows me to sink down into my inner world just a little deeper.

By spring, the first joyful tufts of green make my heart skip a beat. I smile at my kids' celebration of warmth, and I accept that my insulated dark days are coming to an end. I'll be expected to step out of the flow of writing and join "activities." 

It's the sacrifice I make to have my fall again next November.


  1. Dear friend, you are an inspiration to me! I'm like you in being an introvert, and I could happily hibernate year-round. But for me, winter's dark days bring on depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I struggle to keep from falling into the pit. I know what you deal with must be so much harder. As for photography, the photos you've chosen for this post are perfect, but the word-pictures you paint are so clear that you really don't even need any. Your writing is simply beautiful, and you make me want to embrace winter.

    1. Thank you. Just thank you. I have some people close to me with Seasonal Affective Disorder. It pains me to watch them slipping at this time of year.

  2. These are beautiful photos, and heart felt words.

    1. Thank you! I loved your post on November as well. My favorite has to be the "Embody" post though. It was awesome.


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