5 Hottest Women

By "hot" I mean, on fire with amazing ideas and the courage to act on them. 

Also, I don't give a crap how they look in a bathing suit.

Sandra Day O'Connor

She grew up in the desert on a ranch near the Arizona-New Mexico border. She fell off horses, was stung by scorpions, knew the value of water, had a bobcat for a pet, and had mares named Hysterectomy, Scarhead, and HellBitch. She was toughened the old-fashioned way and, of course, became the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice in 1981. 

Susannah Conway

This photographer opened up and showed women how to journal, take pictures, and run a heart-centered business. Her website inspires and attracts women from all over the world to connect and share their stories through art. This post of hers partially inspired mine.

My Sister

Because this is my list, and she's truly remarkable. She's the woman you want by your side when you have a medical emergency, a veterinary emergency, or a bar fight. Need a ninja mom who has both homeschooled her kids and jumped out of airplanes? She is that person and also never loses a handstand contest. She could be the most interesting woman in the world.


I may have made my sister seem like a maniac. What I should have written is this-  

You would never know she had jumped out of airplanes or saved countless people's lives because she is quiet in her strength and she fiercely protects the people she loves. That is the kind of strength I see in her. Just because I have a wild imagination and see her delivering a roundhouse kick to some fool in a dusty old bar who insulted her, doesn't mean she actually did that. It just means she could if she felt like it.

Joan of Arc

In the 1400s she convinced the monarchy to let her lead a 4,000 person army and lower the taxes on her hometown. She wore men's clothing, and had an ironclad belief in herself and her divine role on earth. She was burned at stake for being a heretic and/or a witch. (They burned her twice, just to be sure.) I'm sure her eternal soul greatly appreciated being made a saint 500 years later. Thanks, Men in Power, but she didn't need your validation to be awesome.

Maggie Stiefvater

An intrepid writer, she drags a reader into her stories with incredible figurative language. She also shares her writing process online, which makes her one of my heroes.

This post was inspired by a news story I read yesterday. My nostrils flared, and I exercised to exhaustion, but I was still irritated. I intentionally focus on the good, true, and light in this space, so I won't magnify ignorance, but I will send out some equal and opposite knowledge to counter it.

The feminist fire has been stoked yet again.


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