10 Steps to Writing a Book

To write a great novel:

1.     First you have to write a garbage, nonsense novel. 

2.     You need to shred that draft and shout, "I hate writing!" 

3.     You have to fall in love with the seed of your story again.

4.     Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have written a "meh" novel that's disjointed. You must ignore proper nutrition, grammar, and personal hygiene to simply get words onto the page.

5.     You have to dream at night inside the fictional world you've been creating from the ground up for a year.

6.     You must take a risk and share the 15th draft. You need to print it out and suddenly see your work in a whole new light, unworthy of sharing. 

7.     You have to share it anyway - to get perspective.

8.     While they're reading it, you have to reassure yourself that no one writes a cohesive inspiring book in just a few drafts, bring your reader some coffee, and keep the kids in the basement so they're not disturbed.

9.     Working through the plot holes one by one, you must focus on the finished product and edit until your vision is blurry.

That's all I know so far, but...

10.    I'm pretty sure this step  involves letting go of "perfect" and releasing your story into the wild in the hopes that it entertains, inspires, and elicits joy from its readers.

So, if you see me wandering through the grocery store in yoga pants and fuzzy hair murmuring to myself, I didn't stop taking my medication. I'm just being a writer.

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