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I'm working on an author bio for both of the books I'm writing. It has been a strange thing to describe myself. This is one version:

I am part hillbilly*, part Russian Mennonite, part fallen angel, part spirit child, part naiad, and full of hope. This means I can endure a hard winter, tolerate a surprising amount of whiskey, and I have strong opinions. Some might say I'm "overly sensitive," but I think I'm just right.
One of the first lessons I learned in this body was that if you hold the garbage in, it will eventually seep out, so you might as well express it and learn from it. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so it gushes and guffaws right out in public.
I have a master's degree in French. I am a reader and writer of fiction and non-fiction. I love 90's hip hop, country gospel, and the occasional song where the singer (named Randy, George, Waylon, or Hank) wears faded jeans and a cowboy hat.
I love to discuss religion and feminism and read aloud to my kids. When people talk with me and look me in the eyes I feel rejuvenated and honored. I practice meditation and kundalini yoga to grow my power and quell my urge to use force. 
I'm spiritual and intense and super messy on the inside, but neat and tidy on the outside. I make great desserts and you always know where you stand with me. 
In addition to being awesome at depression, I am also an intellectual who laughs at her own farts, a back-country She-wolf** who carries a French dictionary around in her purse. I like to keep people on their toes and I have never doubted that I was part of a grand and beautiful human collective. My job is to balance the finite and the infinite and then go tell the story.

*I don't think hillbilly is a disparaging term. You have to be tough as nails to grow up like that. You either find Jesus, or get kilt', or leave the area entirely and tell people you're from "all over" when they ask.

**My husband insists I mention that I don't actually like humidity or spiders. I maintain that my savage nature is internal and mirrors the wilderness I read about from my overstuffed chair.

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