Tolerance for Uncertainty

Transmutation: changing the state of being into another form

Transcendence: rising above usual limits

Transcription: making a physical copy of spoken words

Transliteration: writing words in the characters of another alphabet

Transfiguration: changing into an exalted, glorified, spiritual state

As a child I was certain that I was one of Heavenly Father’s chosen souls.

When I broke with that belief, I was certain that "God" was a concept people used to give their minds structure and ease their ego’s need for boundaries, and nothing more.

Victor Frankl, Carl Sagan, Nietzsche, Simone Weil, and so many great thinkers have talked about a human’s tendency to assign meaning. I am detached from dogma, but still have a need to believe there is a miraculous unifying force beyond my understanding. 

This is an antidote for a broken heart and depression's poison. It is the burning in my chest when I release the need for structure and rely only on my instincts. I step beyond my everyday awareness and constructed reality to find expansive light and healing.

Now I am comfortable in my uncertainty. I have hope for things unseen.


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