"What is God's Religion?"

This was a question my daughter asked me.  I hugged her tight and said, "Exactly."

She had been watching me hunched over scriptures, watching documentaries, and researching Christianity for quite a while.  We discussed some history, but of course she wanted to know: 

"Who's right?"

My answer to her was, "You are."

I have so many questions about religion, spirituality, and people's picture of God. I'm not troubled by the questions or not having the answers, because I will always seek truth and listen for it. 

These are some of the fascinating tidbits I picked up in my research:

1)     Did you know that some people believe that Yaweh has a wife, Ashera? It is written on ancient scrolls found in the Egyptian desert in the 1940s.  These stories also suggest that the divine masculine and divine feminine together form God.

Scholars guess that this picture of a Heavenly family was commonly accepted in the early days of Christianity, but since it didn't fit with the message the men in power at the time wanted to craft, those scriptures were left out of the canon. It would have been easier to maintain control over the masses by painting a picture of a wrathful God to be feared, and by marginalizing women.  Those sneaky females already bore children and beguiled men.  They must have seemed pretty scary to the men in charge.

Did you know that it has been hard for me to accept that there is one Heavenly Father and that's all? Because who am I then, but an offshoot, or an "other"? In my mind there is definitely a Heavenly Mother.  She is a missing piece from my story.

2)     The Greek translation for Armageddon is "a revealing" or "an unveiling"?



  1. Aw man, I miss you and our classes! The kids are back in school (and it looks like for you as well) so I had a few minutes to catch up. This is beautiful, as are you!

    1. I miss you and our classes too! Thank you for your encouraging comments :)

  2. Get this: I believe that God and Mary were married. And I believe that Jesus was married. And I believe that being married is how we link the generations together; it is what connects us, tangibly, to the Divine.

    1. Okay. That is deep. I'm going to chew on that for a while. :)


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