What does it mean to "Expect Joy"?

After talking with a reader recently, I realized that the definition of "happiness" differs from person to person.  As a seeker of joy and how to live in it, I wanted to explore that more.

To me, joy means being able to flow with what daily life brings you with relative evenness.

Living in Joy does not mean:
  • You will never face challenges.
  • You will always be smiling and zen.
  • You will handle every situation gracefully.

In my life, Joy is:
  • Understanding that when bad things happen, it isn't personal.
  • Not holding grudges against myself when I mess up.
  • Not holding grudges against other people when they mess up.
  • Digging underneath ugly emotions to figure out why I have them.
  • Always growing in lightness, and if I can't quite get there, as my Kundalini Yoga mentor puts it, "Leaning in the direction" is good enough.

  • Finally, joy is not always about fun. Sometimes joy is the result of something incredibly challenging.

You may have noticed that "Execting Joy" is the most repeated tag phrase throughout this blog. That is purposeful. Everything I share is born out my expectation that it will somehow grow joy.

"Expecting Joy" is a mindset.  It is a matter of trusting yourself to act from the centered truth.

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  1. I think it's all about setting our intention. Since you have set the intention of expecting that your words and works bring joy, they do! Setting that intention CREATES joy.


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