I talked to two old friends this week who made interesting comments about the blog. It reminded me how far I have come in my understanding of the writing process.

One friend (a literature-lover and a person who is impeccable with her word) said she hoped to get to a place where she felt like she could write as openly as she wanted. I know there is a masterful novel in her. I will patiently wait until her thoughts "compost" as Natalie Goldberg would say. It is absolutely true that you have to write through several layers of ego and pain and victimhood before you can allow the good stuff to channel through you.

Another friend hadn't talked to me in years and stumbled across my blog. He admitted that he was startled by the openness. I said, "Oh, right!" and I laughed at the thought that I was making people a little uncomfortable. Sometimes I forget that I have shared deeply personal pieces of my story and worked through big life questions right on this blog. 

To be honest, I still sweat and second-guess myself a little each time I hit "Publish". Sometimes I will reread a story later and feel incredibly happy that it was mine. Other posts are really just compost, but they are just as valuable. They are part of the process and...

I am a real person to whom writing is as important as breathing.

Writing is how I tell people I love them. It is also how I remind myself that I am worthy of love.

"I feel good because I don't care that she sees how I really am. I'm glad. I want someone to know me. We walk through so many myths of each other and ourselves; we are so thankful when someone sees us for who we are and accepts us." 

                               -Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg


  1. oh WOW. i love the concept of writing through several layers before we get to the good stuff. that "clicked" like lightning for me and i think that is what i have been doing. i also like the idea of composting and not feeling that anything i write is a "waste," but rather that it may be compost. also, that picture is phenomenal.

  2. Thanks, Brook! The picture is by an artist with the username okalinichenko. He (or she) has so many beautiful images on Fotolia.

  3. Fascinating. I love the composting idea too. It reminds me that although I'm not ready to write everything that I should still be writing something.

  4. I loved the term "composting" when I read natalie's book as well. The power of words and the process.

    1. I used to call it dog crap, but composting sounds much nicer.

  5. This post totally motivates me to read Golderg's book. I'm working on Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird right now...


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