Hello, Older Self

Heroes are agents of change on a quest. The hero is the ultimate altruist, sacrificing her life for the greater good. She is warrior and lover who slays the dragon of the status quo, so to speak. She enacts the ultimate in sacrifice in her quest to change the world (and/or herself).
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Maybe I played a little too much King's Quest (early 90s computer game) as a kid, but I have always loved the romantic notion of heroes and quests. I like to think of myself as a hero on a journey.

And I definitely love the idea of "slaying the dragon of the status quo."  Writing my autobiography forces me to imagine the end of the book.  It's a scary idea to write the end of your own story, but also kind of awesome.

Since I can't know what's coming, I'm going to aim for an ending where the Dragon of the Ego is defeated:

Dear Older Self,

I love your open heart.  You have been showing people that love and spirituality can color your life and make it vibrant.  Your words and example help other people realize they can be more.  Seeing the divinity in yourself is contagious.  

That was some crazy stuff we went through, right! (Remember the New Mexico truck stop?)

You are still working on yourself, clearing away obstacles to get to the original you.  At the same time, you're nudging others toward their own inner perfection. 

It would have been easy to fall into polarizing, thinly-veiled rejections of people who disagreed with you.  You stood in God's light and radiated truth instead.

Thank you for nurturing our compassion.  Sat Nam, Sach Indra Kaur. Sat Nam.

P.S. I can't believe you still look amazing in a swimsuit at 115 years old!

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