When a person starts seriously considering writing as a passion, a hobby, or a career, they naturally start to wonder if they are good enough to be published.  Would other people enjoy reading this?

We are told to write about what we know.  Usually that means something non-fiction, probably autobiographical.  (Homeschooling, Depression, etc.)

Instead of walking the PCT, like Cheryl Strayed, I wrote my autobiography.  It was intense and I'm not even sure I'll seek to have it published.  But it is done (at least for now).

Once you have scraped away the many layers of your own stories, you start to feel freed up. 

That is where I find myself in this moment.  It is EXCITING.  It's time to make some new stories.

It's called fiction, people.

Daunting, but liberating.  Scary, but incredible.

Here I go. 

At which point, at long last, there was the actual doing it, quickly followed by the grim realization of what it meant to do it, followed by the decision to quit doing it because doing it was absurd and pointless and ridiculously difficult and far more than I expected doing it would be and I was profoundly unprepared to do it.

And then there was the real live truly doing it.

-Cheryl Strayed, Wild


  1. Gooo Rachel! Proud of you for writing and finishing your autobiography. I will cheer you on your fiction journey from the sidelines... I still have my training wheels on in that arena. You are going to be fabulous!

    1. Thank you. I have training wheels still, too. The difference is, now I can write a terrible, awkward passage or clumsy dialogue and say, "That needs some polishing." Somehow, practicing more helps me be less attached to every little word and thought. I appreciate having your perspective!

  2. Oh my goodness. Yes. The actual doing of doing it. Now that is the challenge for all of us.


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