The Opposite of Suicide

We have been in our new home for one whole year now.  We have filled the house with happiness, exciting adventures, skinned knees, 1,000 cups of coffee, new stories, and a lot of growth.

This morning we celebrated our "moving-in" anniversary with a big breakfast and telling stories about the past year.

My kids thought of the first time they played in the snow, meeting all their new friends, missing their old ones, and seeing so many family members on a regular basis.

My husband changed jobs, found a new project car, got his motorcycle running and supported me in my new ventures with humor and grace.

I have launched my public writing career, started a jewelry business, and made a commitment to myself.

I want to keep 3 things in the forefront of my mind:

In Honor of National Suicide Prevention Month-

Do you remember before you were born, when you were sitting with Heavenly Father?  He asked you if you were ready to take on this life and you valiantly agreed. 

Do you remember what it felt like to be in his presence? 

Dream of that love, greater than any you’ve ever felt, magnified to a rapturous degree.

Now turn it on yourself. 

That love is where you started and where you’ll return.  This pain won’t last forever.

See yourself as Heavenly Father would.

He would be so proud.  He would scoop you up gently in his arms and embrace your earthly body, full of pain and memories, and remind you that you are of infinite worth.

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