Orb-Weavers and Wholeness

This morning when I looked out onto the garden in front of our house, I spotted a spectacular dewy web strung from one lilac bush to another.  Its size was impressive, but the real beauty was in the architecture and precision.  I was also a little nervous to know what size spider could have woven this web.

I shuffled to the back of the house to open the shutters, as has become my morning routine, and was awed to find three more glistening webs, each as symmetrical and lovely as the next.

This time of summer orb-weavers have matured to full size and will be displaying their work in every corner of greenery and fencing.  Since this is our first summer in Missouri, every change in the outdoors has been exciting to watch.

I choose to see the appearance of these spider webs as a symbol to be interpreted, enriching my life and adding fun to it.  Some believe that the spider as a totem represents the ability to weave one's own destiny.  These spiders were teaching me to weave and engineer what I need in order to capture what I want.

In other words, I design my own web, including my family, my writing, my higher purpose, and how I choose to spend my time.

For the longest time I felt it wasn't okay to be me.  So that's what I do now -- I be me.

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