Something Worth Sharing

This recently appeared on a blog with infrequent, but deeply interesting and thoroughly researched posts:

I don’t enjoy debates. Nothing comes of them. Just greater and greater polarization. The “winner” isn’t even necessarily the one with the best “facts.” Gary Taubes shared this quote with me recently, which I find really insightful. Dallas Willard, a well-known ecumenical pastor and theologian, was often invited to debate the existence of God and other matters. These invitations included Richard Dawkins himself.  His response: “I don’t debate, but I am glad to enter into a joint inquiry. We will seek the truth together.” That’s the attitude I like.
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The post is entitled "Success versus Failure:  a stark juxtaposition" and is on a topic near and dear to me -- obesity.

I appreciated the entire post, but this paragraph sang out to me as something worth sharing. 

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