Managing Stress vs Reducing Stress?

I think this is one of the most important distinctions a person can make.

First, I love Carol Tuttle's messages of healing.  She teaches about energy profiles and lots of other interesting techniques for changing the way people see themselves and their life purpose.  Her teaching has planted lots of seeds in my mind that have later grown into life goals and "standing in my own truth" as she would say.

I read the phrase "how to live a stress-free life rather than how to manage stress" in one of her recent works and I instantly thought of all the choices my family has made to eliminate sources of stress rather than try to continue dealing with them:

Radical Diet Change


Moving back to the Midwest

Living True to Our Personality Types

I have said before that once we made the first change to our diet, it was so empowering that we were not willing to tolerate any other blatantly unhealthy parts of our life.  It was as if we had been living with blinders on.  Once they were off, they were off.  You cannot "un-know" truth after you know it.

So, instead of spending so many futile hours trying to hem in anxiety attacks, or using various techniques to calm myself.  I started letting life happen.  I got raging angry, utterly sad, and then decided to do something about the sources of that anger and sadness.  It took time, reflection, a willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.

This blog is the latest big move I have made to remind myself and to help others navigate mood disorder, parenthood, eating well, self-care, homeschooling, risk-taking, and changing perspectives on life.

Thanks to all those who have visited and commented so far.  The feedback has been immensely encouraging!

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