Life of a Tree - Part 2

In certain situations, it has been easier for me to think in terms of symbols before I'm able to speak the sacred truth.  When something is so revealing, it's like pulling off a band-aid.

Also, asking awkward, seemingly random questions is my trademark amongst family and friends.  I've been told it's annoying and off-putting.  My goal is to find out how a person thinks, but they usually walk away feeling like I put them on the spot.  I try not to do this anymore, but sometimes I can't help myself.

I feel a force out of my control blurting out the question.  Sometimes it surprises even me.

When I asked someone what kind of tree they were recently, the answer I received was so amazing.  The response said, "I see your symbolism, and I raise you another layer of symbolism."

          What kind of tree are you?

          I was a tree that was diseased and had to be cut down to a stump.  Now I'm a healthier 
          kind of tree.

After his response, he suggested that my question was a little too airy and might not be taken seriously.

Of course he's right.

What I mean to say was this:

Life is a series of symbols.

Will you see them, seek to understand them?

Will you accept that there is more at work in your life than your physical and emotional existence coupled with the randomness of interactions between you and other people?

For me, the answer is that it is more hopeful and more fun to see an armadillo on the side of the road and treat it as a sign that I will need to protect my inner self in the coming days.  Otherwise it's just a bizarre little roadside creature and I have no control over what is happening in my life or anyone else's.  And there is little point to our lives other than to survive until we die.

Nope, that’s too bleak for me.  In fact, it’s my worst fear – that we, that I, have no higher purpose.

The possible negative consequence is that some will consider me a little kooky or ungrounded. 

Pssshhh…These side effects are not important enough to keep me from fulfilling my purpose, which is to reveal more light in the world by articulating and sharing stories.

At the very least I am painting a picture of interconnectedness, joy, and what I believe to be the meaning of life.

So here I am as a writer with the final filter of fear removed -- fearing what others will say, fearing being wrong, or not good enough.

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