Why I Have A Blog

Yes, it is unnerving to publicize my troubles with mood disorder.

Yes, I worry about what my family, friends, and potential employers will think.

But more importantly....

I love reminding myself how far I've come as a human being.

My blog is a place where I record valuable insights that are too important to be locked away in a journal or hidden fearfully.

As others have shared their growth with me, I have leaped ahead in my education as a person.

Writing things for public consumption forces a person to think carefully about their priorities, life choices, and the example they're setting for readers.

I choose my words judiciously and try to write from a place of love and honesty. 

As a dear friend so generously reminded me recently, I live in a very deliberate fashion.

I choose my children's curricula with love and inspiration.  I choose our food with thoughtfulness and care.

I can do those things because I choose to sit in the stillness of each day and wait for the truth.

I choose to hear the discomfort in my gut and the stirring in my soul.

I am absolutely living my purpose.

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