Here's the Thing About Introverts...

You know that introvert in your high school class who waved her hand wildly in the air to answer every question and was the life of any social gathering?

Of course you don't.  Those things are horrifying to most introverts.

Those behaviors don't seem that unnatural on people who are naturally extroverted.  They can be very awkward and ugly on introverts unless they are practiced, polished and prepared to do so out of necessity.

I love being an introvert.  I am very comfortable with my subtlety and quiet mannerisms.  I don't love crowds, too much chaotic noise, or too many irregularities in my schedule.

Most other introverts I know exhibit lower energy physically, but have a rich, dynamic mind.

I'm writing this to help any of my beloved extroverted readers who don't yet understand that it doesn't mean someone is unwell or scared of society if they prefer to curl up in an overstuffed chair and chat or read.

To an introvert, solitude is healing and essential, in fact.


What makes an extrovert happy and fills their soul might seem dreadful and unnecessary to introverts.

One of the lessons I learned this week:

Let people live true to their own nature.  You can't decide that for them.  And if you push too hard for someone to be like you you may miss the chance to learn from their unique example.

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