Fear of change

This morning I was reminded of something really important to me as a parent:

We can't get the desired output without the right input.

Our children can't develop organically in their own ways if we don't give them the time and space to find those interests and explore them.  They need the time to do this and the validation that what they enjoy is worth their time, too.

If we teach our kids that it's important to listen to their bodies, take breaks and eat when they need to, this behavior will more easily carry over into adulthood.

Likewise, as adults, if we are afraid to show our true selves to people, they can't know how to treat us.  If we are afraid to let our lives change to accommodate new things, we will remain mired in standardized tests and pay scales tied to performance.  Hamsters, wheels, pellets, behavioral conditioning, etc.

Replacing an educational system created to suit the needs of the industrial era might be too difficult all at once.  No one wants to instill passive behavior in their children, yet this is the by-product of one group determining what everyone should know.  And students are given only one method to demonstrate how they know it.

In my local  public and private schools I see teachers creating innovative and effective methods of teaching, and providing multiple methods of evaluation.  That is a wonderful start.

I am not suggesting that everyone deserves an "A" or a trophy.

(Side note:  I once received a light pink ribbon for 8th place...out of 8 in a gymnastics meet.  If you ever want to highlight to a child that they were way worse than mediocre, please give them a light pink colored ribbon.)

I am suggesting that we each have our strengths and we are in charge of our own happiness and success.

We have chosen to be expose our kids to a myriad of topics, methods of study, exploration, art, and the interconnectedness of all these subjects, knowing that if they are given time to live in the space where they want to be mentally, they will trust that what they know and love is important.

We are in charge of our own 
happiness and success.  

We can't leave it to legislators alone to create the perfect school atmosphere, but we can take responsibility for creating peace at home by slowing down our lives whether we homeschool or not.  This will help us keep what is most important to each of us at the center of our lives.

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