A Couple of Interesting Self-evaluations

Consider two things:

People around you are a mirror for yourself.  

While some argue that 100% of our lives is a reflection of ourselves, I like to think that generally this makes a lot of sense.

5 years ago, I was attracting some very strange characters into my life.  It seemed like every person in the surrounding area who had some sort of dysfunction, face tattoo, or something disturbing about them literally knocked on my door or approached me in public. 

That was during the roughest years I've had as an adult.  With three very small children, no purpose outside the house, and a myriad of medical problems, I nearly broke my brain with worry. 

If I consider the last two months, people who knock on my door, whether expected or not, have been genuinely friendly, open, and sometimes disarmingly funny.

I'll take credit for that one too.  I still struggle emotionally sometimes, but I don't let it define every moment of my life.  My goal in the last year has been happiness, simply happiness.

The things you think and say about others are really things you think or fear about yourself.

Try it out on a concept that comes up in your life repeatedly or an issue that bothers you often.  It can be very revealing.

This was something I suspected to be true before I read about this psychological phenomenon at length.  I would find myself accusing my husband of things and immediately realizing that they were things I feared I was doing.   "I think you need to just let the kids be!" I'd say to my husband. 

                Hmmmm...  I need to let them be.

"You can't keep our little girl from avoiding every potentially painful situation."  I'd think in regards to my husband.

                Hmmmm... I can't keep her from avoiding every painful situation.

It also works like this:

                                   I can't keep me from avoiding every painful situation.

Ding!  I usually keep turning the phrase until something feels really true in my gut.  It has been cathartic.

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