Fun with Personality Types

If you're not familiar with Energy Profiling, there are lots of people teaching this concept, but the basic idea is that people are made up of four elements, just as in nature:  Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

We all have all the elements, but we lead with one.  By looking at my blog's content, I am pretty clearly a Water.  The label "Water" invokes smooth, flowing lines, a desire to connect,  meandering, chronological thoughts all tied together.  The need to be comfortable and help others around me be comfortable.

Me:  Water/Air

My secondary element is Air, bringing to mind upward and outward thought, lightness, buoyancy, and a desire to be free and happy.

Earth, my husband's strength, is characterized by seeking to perfect, being still and private, (not enjoying being categorized), being simply poetic, and having his own strong sense of justice.

My Husband: Earth/Water

From what I have read, most married couples share one dominant element.  Each child is generally some combination of their parents' dominant elements.

Here is my family breakdown:

                                      Me ------------------------ My Husband

                                 Water/Air                         Earth/Water

                             Daughter                  Son 1                      Son 2

                            Air/Water                Earth/Water               Air/Earth

Each element is associated with a certain level of movement and a particular focus for why they do things.

For example, when faced with a page of long division problems, my husband (Earth - slow methodical movement and a critical eye) would seek to precisely and clearly solve each problem in turn.

I (Water - wanting to form connections, be as relaxed as possible, and have an elegant experience) would wonder how everyone feels about so many math problems on one page.  I would also need to resolve my own feelings about the complexity of what someone is asking of me.  Then, I would look at each of the problems like a story.  I'd tell the story over again with each new problem.  I might get the answers most correct, but I will have definitely sought to enjoy the process and tell others about it when I'm done.

My (Air/Water) daughter, would get 3 seconds into the first problem and realize this is not as much fun as she had hoped.  These problems are soooo long and there are many other things that would be more brilliant and exciting right now.  "I can't wait to be done!" she'd think.

My Daughter:  Air/Water

My (Earth/Water) son would approach this page exactly like his dad.  Without his dad's experience in long division though, he might feel thwarted by his inability to completely and accurately solve the set of problems like he wanted.  He might choose to point out that it would be more efficient to choose just 3 problems of varying complexity, rather than a whole page with needless repetition.

Older Son:  Earth/Water

My (Air/Earth) son, who is one of the airiest people I've ever met, would draw a face and a body on some of the numbers and leave the table.  "Not fun, not important. Squirrel!"

Younger Son:  Air/Earth

Faced with the same situation, each person in my family would handle it differently.

I find the reasons for this fascinating and after reading a few of Carol Tuttle's books I can recognize certain traits in my family members and in myself that explain our actions.

Recognizing these tendencies helps me be more compassionate and actually allows me to enjoy  my family in ways I couldn't before.

It would be easy to pigeonhole someone into their energy profile, but that's not the point of this idea.  It's to help give us a framework for understanding ourselves and other people.  Instead of saying, "My child only cares about results and I don't understand why he can't enjoy the process!" a mom can know that she has a Fire for a son and that quick, results-oriented actions are his favorite way to work.

It's so much easier not take things personally when you understand the reasons behind the actions of your loved ones.  It's not to hurt you, it's to honor their own true nature.

Easily relatable symbols found in nature are a clear, yet graceful way of describing the different personality forces at work in our lives.

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