Like a Good Pair of Jeans

Today, I'd like to take a moment to remember a loved one I recently lost--my favorite pair of jeans.  

I can still feel the disappointment of finding them permanently destroyed by a mysterious stain.  They have been with me for almost two years.  You know the ones.  In the morning when you're choosing an outfit and you have on some strappy sandals and capris and a bunch of clunky jewelry and a super cute take a few steps out of the bedroom and realize you cannot possibly walk around like this all day.

So, you shed that pretty outfit and slip on the old jeans that just Are.  They don't distract from making lunches or vacuuming the crevices of the minivan. 

I'm sorry, Modern Fit, Low-Rise, Flare-Leg Jeans.  I should never have worn you to the farm field trip.  Crud.  They will be nearly impossible to replace.

This quiet loss got me to thinking about other accessories I don't appreciate enough:

  • elastic waistbands

  • ponytail holders

  • flip-flops

It also reminded me to take stock of the truly precious parts of my life:

always being able and willing to pause, reflect, and move ahead with more knowledge than before

my husband's desire to understand me, appreciate my quirks and to take new adventures with me

my 8-year-old who tells me I'm the best mom in the world

my 6-year-old who often asks if he can rub my feet

and my 5-year old who says, "Hold me like a baby."

the ability to choose for myself what I read, what job I have, what I wear and how to educate my children

a wonderful group of friends who have shown me how to delight in motherhood and how to love by serving

Above all, I am grateful for the chance to heal from old injuries and look at the world and my part in it through wiser, more loving eyes.


And a nice, new pair of jeans wouldn't hurt.

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