Confections of Motherhood - Mostly Sweet and a Little Salty

I’m not a person who peppers all her writing with sweet comments about her kids.  It generally takes away from the focus of my message, and waters down the passion for the subject I’m describing.  I do, however, step back and revel in the particular joy that kids bring. I just want to make sure that any picture I present to readers is a balanced, truthful one.

I think celebrating children can be wonderful and productive and even artful, but when moms-to-be or young women pondering future motherhood see these overly saccharin portrayals of parenting, I believe it perpetuates a glossy false image. 

This kind of airbrushed image goes hand-in-hand with expressions like, “It’s all worth it.” or "I wouldn't change it for anything." in reference to raising children.  If we’re being honest, let’s say that we gamble on the idea that it will all be worth it, because you have no idea.  And the mom who’s perpetuating that rumor is not going to say something awful like, “Man, some days I resent the heck out of my family.“

There will be days when you dream of sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower on a park bench in the Champ de Mars, savoring some French delicacy and a glorious sunny day.  You’ll think that might have been your life if you’d made different choices.  (It wouldn’t be, but fantasies are extremely unrealistic like that.)

Champ de Mars

You can’t say that out loud to anyone lest they judge you for shattering the illusion that “It’s all worth it” …every second of every day.

For the days that we need a reminder of the truly sweet parts of being a mother:

Confections of Motherhood

Tiny, soft hands and feet

A crowd of people who think I’m awesome and give me happy hugs when I walk through the door

The satisfaction of making food for your children

That happy feeling of seeing your kids totally filthy after playing outside

The equally happy feeling of seeing your little ones all scrubbed, and brushed, and dressed in PJs

Watching your children set goals and achieve them

Catching your child doing something utterly selfless and kind

Endless imaginative play

Innocent Optimism

Seeing your children care for each other, teach one another, and fall asleep together

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